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July 14, 2009



Carol, your postings have been amazing! Thanks for sharing. I'm really in awe of how you express your feelings. And congratulations; I wasn't really sure if you guys were continuing to pursue this in Seattle, but secretly hoping that you were!

Go ahead and get the babysitter. It'll be good for him and for you. (I regret not having done this earlier with more frequency.) Mika still does not like babysitters and won't go to sleep with them.

And he isn't 'motherless'... he has you.

Douglas Beagley

As always, you have tremendous personal insight and awareness.

Like you, I KNOW that the "attachment cycle" takes time. It's a building thing. Kid has need, we meet need, kid has a need again, we meet need, and after a while you are all head-over-heels bonded and in love. That's how it works, that's how I KNOW it works and have read about it and even experienced it in other levels/situations... but it is still scary. We can still have thoughts like, "what if I'm not good enough? what if it just doesn't work?"

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your adventures... you are becoming a better source of meditation than many of the adoption-prep work classes/books we've been through.

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