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September 09, 2009



I added your family portrait into my screen saver slideshow.

Does Iona work on commission?


Con, B. and Alysa -- thank you for your comments. It's been the people around me that have made this whole incredible, great, difficult time easier -- including you. B.! Again, joy to your newly-minted threesome.


I'm still so un-blog-savvy that I don't know if i should respond to your comments on my blog or yours?? :/ Anyway, as always, I very much appreciate the commenting. My friend Wade left to find a "new life" in LA. He may be back, but it feels pretty final-ish. I took the flames off my car because I'm ready to be a grown up. And I never really liked them to begin with. Other people did, so I went along with it.
Love the photos and the honesty and Iona's drawing (omg! amazing! hilarious!). I have some photos of Han I've been meaning to email you, so will when I'm on my home computer soon. I realize this is no longer a comment but a long ramble (a la my mother), so, until we see each other again. Lots of idea-ing going on in this brain...

Bernard Uy

Congratulations to the extended Family 2.0! And I love (LOVE) the family portrait by IONA! Tammy & I *just* became parents ourselves (Vivienne) 5 days ago. Hanging on for dear life. Aloha! - B.


Sounds like you're still having a tough time, even though things are easing up a little! I know it's a difficult, and sometimes very lonely path you're traveling, but not too far in the future you'll look back as see how worthwhile it is. I did! Best of luck!

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