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January 26, 2010



you are very good at drawing!

love delaney


Beautiful picture.

Brian Foster

Carol, 24 years since we were in the same place at the same time. I hope time has treated you well.

I enjoyed your story, thank you for writing it and sharing.

Yes, there is something far worse than death, it's called a life without dignity or meaning. That seems to be where the woman has been for some time now. This is a good example of why a living will is so important. People who have seen this do not want it to be them, someday. Yet, look at her, then look at the Terri Shivo (sp?) mess. Do make sure you have a living will and health proxy made up and on file with your doctor/hospital.

Mac&Cheese with peas is good enough. It is filling and if they eat it, that's what matters.

Here's another mantra for you, if you care to use it, "I will do my best, nothing less, and accept the limitations of being human." This is not permission to just say, I tired and I don't care to try any further. Try is nothing but a single word meaning, "I will fail, over and over." Do your best and no one can fault you, and you can hold your head up high and proud.

Your children need you; and they need you to be strong, loving, and to set rules, limits, and boundaries. The ones who lack rules limits and boundaries are the one that become troublesome. Never let them down; and never let them think you don't love them.

I know, this is long. But that is how I am Carol. But I hope that this helps you in some way.

Namaste: a Hindi salutation that can loosely be translated as "The Divine Light within me honors and cherishes The Divine Light within you."

From my heart as a distant friend along the path of life, Namaste Carol.


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